Inspirational speeches, lectures

- shorter speeches that start on days of seminars and workshops, concluding remarks on conferences, special issues at seminars and workshops, lectures on the startup days, etc.

Some headlines

  • ”Us and them”, when prejudices hinder development and understanding
  • Why human rights?
  • Diversity – Opportunities and Challenges
  • New perspectives, new challenges
  • Gender and discrimination
  • What is racism – a brief historical review in view of today’s social climate
  • The right to be treated with dignity
  • Non discrimination – a prerequisite for diversity
  • Cultures´ underlying assumptions – what do we actually believe in?
  • Leaders of cultural change
  • Diversity’s friends and enemies – about behaviors that enhances or denies diversity development
  • The black and white world – about stigma and dichotomizing groups
  • “If the stone-age children had obeyed their stone-age parents, we still
    been living in the stone age” – about resistance and change
  • Value-based leadership
  • Topics in consultation with the organization and

Seminars,short courses, using interactive techniques and exercises

  • Laws against discrimination in Sweden
  • Focused Recruitment – to recruit competence without discrimination
  • Outside in perspective – to turn the focus from the internal to
    customers / citizens / users
  • Diversity as an added value to achieve the organization’s vision and objectives
  • What are human rights and can they be connected to the purpose of the organization?
  • Equal treatment plans
  • Gender and discrimination
  • “Stairs are cleaned from top down” – the top leaders responsibility to manage diversity
  • Interculturalism – can w handle it?
  • Racism and cultural racism – when the focus is on the belief in essential and indelible differences
  • Leading with values
  • Tailor-made courses and seminars in consultation with the client

Training courses on various topics

  • MOD – Diversity and Dialogue
  • Diversity challenges and opportunities – a training for leaders / managers with a focus on non-discrimination, accountability, culture change
  • Gender equality and non-discrimination
  • Recruiting deliberately and determined – without discrimination and with
    competence in focus
  • Racism and discrimination – the historical roots and present ideology and
  • Dialogue based training – workshop on methods and approaches
  • “Born free” – methods, exercises and approaches for teaching Human Rights on High School level. Marco is co-author of the teacher´s manual “Born Free” which is produced by MOD, Red Cross, Amnesty International and Swedish Radio Educational Broadcasting.
  • Human Rights – one or two day course on human rights
  • Combination of the topic of your choice, or tailor-made courses in
    consultation with the client

TOT – Training of trainers

  • MOD – basic and advanced courses
  • How to teach human rights
  • Dialogue-based methods – a practical course on how to lead and facilitate a group with exercises and dialogue based methods
  • How to educate about laws against discrimination and diversity
  • Dare to speak in public – a practical course on the art of public speaking


  • CEO/manager support in the development and implementation of diversity
  • policy diversity programs, equal treatment plans, etc.
  • Cultural and climate analysis
  • Assessment of diversity work in the organization
  • Employee surveys based on diversity issues
  • Leading with values
  • Process management
  • Strategic diversity management


  • Conference
  • Workshops
  • Hearings

Process leader

  • Internal organizational development
  • Decision making processes
  • Creation of visions and goals through active participation

Project Manager

  • EU funding, project implementation and reporting
  • Implementation of major projects in the organization
  • Conference and seminar arrangements
  • Staff development programs

Language used

Swedish and English