Everyone is entitled to be treated with dignity. Human Rights assumes that ”all human beings are born free and equal in dignity” and should be treated accordingly. The implication of that is that no one should be discriminated against because of his or her group affiliation, background or personal life choices.

Diversity means to be human in the full sense of the word. My personality, my experiences, knowledge and skills, my background and my life context should be valued in the community.

Claiming my own rights does not mean that I have the right to violate your fundamental rights. However my obligations in the society are also yours to share, so that our community will be held together. That will keep the multicultural and vibrant society together is human rights, democracy and transparency.

Working with diversity also means to combat discrimination, prejudice, stigma, blame and scapegoat mentality that is created from an emotional and simplified construction of “us and them ”. Fears and resistance to change can easily lead to hostility and eventually to racism.

I want to work for an open, inclusive, respectful, equal and equitable society in which our differences contribute to the development and sustainability.

I want to contribute to the management and leadership that can lead to Diversity organization’s business objectives can be achieved. Diversity is not an end in itself. Diversity is present and exists continuously, whether we wish it or not. But it is often prevented to blossom and become a force in the organization.

I see leaders as those who set the culture. They must work deliberately, strategically and concretely. But there must be other bearers of culture in organizations who are involved and working for the common good. Therefore, the issue of diversity is also a cultural issue. What kind of culture do we have at our workplace? What are the criterias of being a good employer? What are the cultural behaviors we want to highlight and reinforce?

An important part of every workplace culture is how we work together. The best cooperation is achieved when employees participate on their own free will and take personal responsibility for results – and contribute with their own creativity to the solution and development. How do we build up a culture where decisions or the personal contributions will result in wise decisions for the organization?

My motto is
Dignity, generosity and diversity