Marco Helles is an experienced diversity consultant with nearly 25-years of experience as an educator, lecturer and facilitator.

He has created the well-known and internationally used program MOD (Mångfald och Dialog, Diversity and Dialogue) . He has been working as CEO at Red Cross Educational Center, as well as the President of the Red Cross Folk High School. In 2003, he became the Regional director for the Red Cross in Stockholm. In 2006 he created and led the Red Cross diversity project. In 2009 Marco became national coordinator for Humanitarian issues, International law, Diversity and non-discrimination. Within the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is Marco known and sought for his involvement in issues on ”Diversity and non-discrimination”.

2011 Marco started his own training and consulting business, Marco Helles AB.

Marco has held over 1,000 training and lecture sessions, the majority of Sweden, but also including in the U.S. (California Diversity and Leadership Confertence), South Africa, Tanzania, Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

During the recent period, Marco’s customers were mainly local and state enterprises and private companies, but also Associations, Schools and Universities. Marco is an experienced process leader who works with dialogue-based methods, exercises and “active participation”.

He reaches large audiences in an auditoriums giving lectures on conferences, theme days and seminars. But he also works as well with small groups with interaction based workshops.